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What is GCPay?

GCPayT is an internet-based service that provides owners of projects and the construction industry with a means to manage Applications for Payment in a manner consistent with current industry standards and requirements. Simple and easy to use, GCPayT eliminates much of the tedious computations and checking of submitted applications.

GCPayT is Feature Rich!

Screenshot of GCPay

Eliminate the dependancy on paper, various media, error checking, and hours of useless organization with the efficiency of GCPayT

Feature of GCPay

Manage your projects from a central location

Feature of GCPay

Manage incoming and outgoing AFPs with ease

Feature of GCPay

Submit, approve, or reject documents instantly

Feature of GCPay

Automated calculations save time and reduce errors.

Get Started Today!

You can start using GCPayT within 24 hours. If your company is already working on a project with one of the many companies currently using GCPayT, your company may already be assigned to the project If so, please contact Hagen Business Systems so that your project information can be turned over to your company today!