How to Give Endorsements on LinkedIn

LinkedIn announced a new feature today, Endorsements, in hopes of garnering more value for talent search and increasing engagement between connections. It certainly doesn’t require the time commitment of a written recommendation and your peers can easily give you the equivalent of a thumbs up on one or more skills you have listed in your profile. The process is simple, just follow these steps to give a Linkedin connection an endorsement:

How to Give LInkedIn Endorsements

1. Go to the LinkedIn profile of the connection you want to give an endorsement to.
2. If they have skills listed you’ll see those skills listed in a new prompt section (likely to be removed as LinkedIn adds new features in the future). Here’s what that prompt looks like:Skills listed with Endorsements prompt above LinkedIn Profile
3. Remove any skills from their list that you do not want to endorse them for by clicking the “X” next to the skill, then click the Endorse button.

If you scroll down to your connection’s Skills and expertise section you’ll see your endorsements to them and those of others.
Here’s what my friend has showing after I gave him a few endorsements:LinkedIn Endorsements show in the Skills and Expertise section

5. If you visit a profile and the prompt above the profile isn’t there or you want to see the details on how many endorsements your connection has, try scrolling down to the Skills and Expertise section and click the plus (+) sign next to the skill.

Easy and quick. So what are you waiting for? Give a few endorsements out and if you’re connected to me, thank you in advance. I appreciate it!

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