How to Spread Event News on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Events app was removed recently from LinkedIn, probably because few people were signing up for events. Having this removed, however should not deter you from announcing and sharing events on LinkedIn. Seminars, Webinars, Networking Mixers are excellent events that should be shared on LinkedIn.

Events on Your Web Page
Savvy LinkedIn fans were using the LinkedIn Events app to simply hyperlink to their full event details. They also used the individual profile status update and the LinkedIn company page update to spread news about upcoming events. The key is to have a URL with the event details and an eye appealing image so your connections will notice. Some create their event on their own website, this is acceptable, but doesn’t capture the local event power searcher. It will however work well for private events coupled with an invitation to your preferred client list.

Understand the Event Power Searcher
The power searcher is usually looking for a specific event topic or industry related activity. They may be looking for CPE credits, places to network or a quick way to beef up their education. If you want to find an event on BIM or every upcoming event in Phoenix related to the construction, a google search is cumbersome to craft. Power searches turn to the big event solutions EventBrite, Lanyrd and Plancast to find what they’re looking for. They Think keywords so always include your industry, acronyms and business lingo.

Choose an Event App
Personally I use Eventbrite frequently for local event announcements. Many organizations and associations post their local chapter events here and have found new member prospects simply by posting and sharing these events through social media. If you happen to be a public speaker, Lanyrd offers more amenities that may be a consideration too. Plancast is growing too but had a later start. It’s worth your time to consider each of them as they all have their niche. By creating the event with all it’s details using one of these solutions you can create a specific URL for your event. Using the URL created by these apps, you have a Link and picture to help attract more connections to your event announcement.

Spread the News
Once you have your URL in one of these event apps and you’ve posted your status update, have a friend or colleague (or your association board of directors) share it in LinkedIn Groups and with their connections. Take the time to organize this activity by designating who posts to what groups and increasing the volume with likes and shares throughout your network. Sharing can cross social networking sites so don’t forget to Tweet and post on Facebook too if your prospects use these sites.

Engage with Your Likers, Sharers and Commentors
Once someone likes or shares your event, strike up a conversation in the comments or group discussion. Ask if they’ve been to any similar events, know the speaker or have any questions. Invite them to attend as your guest and soon you’ll find others noticing your conversation and joining in.

Once you’ve mastered these basics, learn all the ins and outs of the event app you are using. They have many features that the LinkedIn Event app never offered. Soon you’ll be hosting webinars, and event Google Hangouts for your target audience and reaching worldwide!

Please share your comments and success stories if you put these suggestions to use. We love to hear from the people we’ve helped.

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