LinkedIn Lets Others See Who You’ve Recommended

See Received and Given Recommendations on LInkedIn

LinkedIn Profile viewers now have the ability to see not only who has given you recommendations and who you have given recommendations to. This is a new development and lets those who are checking your resume and work history to see the deeper relationships you have had with LinkedIn connections you have taken the time to recommend.

These “received” and “given” numbers now appear in the upper right corner in your Profile’s recommendations section. Just what does that say about you? Do you have friends and co-workers that you’ve helped? What is some of your recommendations have become a big success. Recognize that recruiters, your business associates and prospects with connections to you may be digging deep into your profile to find out about who you are, your generosity and your ability to write – after all recommendations can be eloquent, simple, and engaging so immediately reflect on how you correspond with others.

Also note that it shows how many recommendations you’ve given and received. Is there a balance to your generosity. Do you only recommend those that have recommended you? It’s something you need to consider.

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