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  • Financial Center
  • Help Screens
  • Integrated With All Modules
  • Date and Period Sensitive Reports and Posting
  • Multi Company Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Audit Trails
  • Easy General Ledger Account Setup
  • “T account” Style Setup
  • Sophisticated Lookup Functions
  • Warning Flags
  • Overhead Allocation
  • Journal Entry Automation
  • Easy to use Account Formatting
  • Reference Descriptions
  • Departmental Financial Statements
  • Custom Statement Formats

General Ledger: Knowing Where You Stand

The Financial Center/General Ledger is the financial brain of ComputerEase. It tells you exactly where you stand by tracking your overall financial position and providing a variety of reports to gauge your company's profits and losses. Financial statements are easily formatted for banks and bonding companies. Now accountants, office managers, CPAs, CFOs, presidents or any upper management can view the health of the company at a glance with the Financial Center.

Cashflow: Where will we stand on Friday?
The Cashflow Center helps you project cash flow to keep your business running smoothly.
You’ll find the Cash Flow Center to be a valuable tool.

Drill Down for Detail
All ComputerEase modules allow you to drill down to see the detail on just about every item. Reports how you want to see them. ComputerEase comes with dozens of standard reports, including profit/loss and balance sheet. Qtools allows you to customize or create the reports you need.

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