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  • Usable Material Lists
  • Flexible Pricing Formats
  • Global Cost and Price Adjusts
  • Easy Inventory Tracking
  • Accounts Receivable Integration
  • Ability to Assign Bin Numbers
  • Accounts Payable Integration
  • Lot Prices
  • Job Cost Integration


Create extensive purchase orders in seconds using the item lookup window. Or, easily enter Lot Price Purchase Orders. You can even copy an existing PO into your new order. Modify the Microsoft™ Word template to change the look. Inventory is the companion to Purchasing. You get two modules in one. Whether you track inventory from a central warehouse or from multiple locations and service trucks, ComputerEase can handle it.

You can create POs faster using the lookup feature. Look up Vendor and material.

Status Report
This report provides all the information you need to discuss unfilled Purchase Orders with your vendors. Run this report by job to see if all the material is there before sending out your crew.

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