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  • Schedule Employees, Equipment, Crews & Subs
  • Easy to use drag and drop magnet board
  • View by date, resource or job
  • Quickly see employees not scheduled
Job Costing
Document Control

Scheduling: Smooth Running Jobs Require Good Scheduling

Schedule the Job
Begin building your schedule by copying the project breakdown from Job Costing. You can build the time line by stretching and moving time bars (WYSIWYG) or by entering detail. Connect sequential tasks with “connecting lines” and the tasks will automatically position themselves on the time line. As the job progresses, plug in revised dates and the schedule will correct itself for rapid completion or delays of any step.

Expand the Schedule
Schedule your staff, equipment and subcontractors in the same job schedule.

Pop Up Detail Entry
Enter detail data through a popup window. You can be as detailed or as general as you want, including reminders of things “To Do” on a specific date.

Quick Resource Scheduling Keeps Everyone Productive
Quickly Schedule Your Resources

Use the ComputerEase “magnet board” for fast, easy scheduling of your resources from day to day. Switch views to move through the days of the week, see a job for a week at a time or see any resources over time.

Schedule Employees
Schedule your employees in advance for maximum productivity.

Build Crews Easily
Build a crew of people and equipment, and schedule them as a group.

Schedule Equipment
You can schedule equipment and tools as easily as scheduling a worker.

Sub Contractors
Schedule your subs at the same time you schedule your resources.

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