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I'm in Finance, and I...

...don't think I can survive another audit.

Make Audits Less Taxing. Our clients have told us document imaging has changed their lives. We gave the auditors some CDs, they asked 5 questions and went home. Other clients have created special logins for their auditors and spend 5 minutes with them at a workstation on how to search for documents.No paper. No Fuss. No Lost Time. tell me how

...need to contain costs (don't we all) there hope?

The national average cost to fill a 4-drawer filing cabinet with paper is $25, many filing cabinets do you fill a year? Between the storage and the labor costs of paper you throw away mountains of money. Why not throw away the paper instead? tell me how

...need to find a way to get on schedule...and get some sleep (sigh).

Close your books on the 5th of the month. Are you waiting for accounting to catch up to give you an accurate bottom line? Our solutions get the paperwork processed quickly and efficiently with an auditable paper you can measure the bottlenecks and streamline your approval process. tell me how