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Document Imaging

2-page, color brochure highlights the Chameleon product, focusing on three, specific elements of Document Imaging Features. Also details an indexing examples for Accounts Payable, Job Documents, Human Resources, and Property Management. Digital Filing Cabinet metaphor explained .

2-page, color brochure highlights the Construction Document Manager (CDM) product, focusing on Routing, Indexing and Notification options.

2-page, color brochure highlights the Invoice Router (IR) Add-on for CDM. IR performs automating routing and approval to all designated "Responsible Parties" in your office system. Decisions are made much more quickly and at significant savings, with any information in the process available at all levels of defined reporting.

Project Management and Estimating

From the original estimate, thorough bidding and contracting and back again, this document highlights the flow of information thorugh all parts of the process with complete control. Customizable Executive Dashboards put knowledge at the fingertips, while detailed warnings and reminders keep the process moving.

Contractors: General

Start on time, end on time. From complete Estimate Takeoff Sheets (available from the field) to the closing of the contract, every document you need is available at the touch of a buttom. Approvals and costs are tightly-integrated with any accounting package, so you don't have to hunt for information, or worse, guess.

Homebuilders have special considerations for estimate orders and items, contracts, and purchase orders. Different styles of construction require different checklists and punchlists -- all within a software package flexible enough to adjust to all of your needs.