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I'm in Operations, and I...

...can't find enough facility space for us to grow the business.

Grow you business without adding office staff or renting more space. By embracing an integrated document management system you can take back valuable square footage for people not paper. We have clients that have doubled their sales volume with 2/3's the office staff. tell me how

...need to make the office resources easier to use. People spend all of their time walking around from place to place (printer, filing cabinet, photocopier, etc.) handling information.

Approximately 50% of office personnel time is spent sorting, handling and filing paper (wasted time). Cut out the filing and access documents without leaving your desk.average time to retrieve one electronic document is 3 seconds. tell me how

...can't seem to get job processes to run smoothly...several times a day someone needs corrected information that they should have had in the first place.

Take Back Control. An average of 5 unresolved issues occurs daily on a job. Don't let them pile up or slip thru the cracks.or you'll eat up your profit with back charges, remediation or ultimately litigation. With HBS solutions you can track due dates on the calendar and identify. tell me how