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I'm a Business Owner, and I ...


...need to grow my business but cannot afford to hire more staff or rent more office space.

By embracing an integrated document management system, you can take back valuable square footage for people rather than paper. We have clients that have doubled their sales volume without adding staff! Sometimes, those "extra" folks that do only paperwork are no longer needed. tell me how

...don't have enough time to get the things done that really matter.

An average of 4 hours of an executive's time is spent searching for misplaced and misfiled documents every week. This statistics inflates exponentially with significant discovery issues across email, paper files at multiple locations. Let us show you how to retrieve one specific document in seconds not hours. tell me how

...feel like I'm throwing more money into the business, but not seeing results.

The national average cost to fill a 4-drawer filing cabinet with paper is $25, many filing cabinets do you fill a year? Between the storage and the labor costs of paper you throw away mountains of money. Why not throw away the paper instead? tell me how

...dread the yearly audits - they take so much time, and are very expensive.

"We gave the auditors some CDs, they asked 5 questions and went home."

Make audits less taxing. Instead of assigning personnel to pull piles of paper and reports from storage for your auditors, pull electronic "imaged" documents in seconds or create a CD for the auditor with images and index sorting for review. Some of our clients have create special logins for their auditors and spend 5 minutes with them at a workstation on how to search for documents.No paper. No Fuss. No Lost Time. tell me how