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Women in Construction Week 2017

NAWIC Women in Construction Week 2017
NAWIC Women in Construction Week 2017It’s Women in Construction Week, a time to showcase the contribution 800,000 women make to the construction industry. Show your support by sharing this with your network on Social Media and adding the hashtag #2017WICWEEK.
Women in Construction Week is an opportunity for you to connect with other women in construction in your own backyard. The National Association of Women in Construction (, aka NAWIC, has chapters across the country that are pulling out all the stops to welcome you and advance your career in construction.
How to Maximize Women in Construction Week, March 5-11, 2017
1. If you’re in the USA, find a chapter near you then contact a NAWIC member and see what events you can participate in.  If you’re in Las Vegas for the ConExpo/ConAgg Show, visit the NAWIC booth GL11882 and tell them Carol Hagen sent you!
2. Attend 1 or more events and encourage your co-workers to come with you.  The more the merrier!
3. Take pictures while you’re there. Capturing your first event experience with NAWIC is alway memorable.
4. Introduce yourself. “Hi, I’m Carol and I like golf, chocolate and construction technology.”  There’s sure to be common ground to keep your conversation going.
5. Ask questions. Jobsite tours are a great place to learn.
6. Tell your story of how you started working in construction.
7. Jump in and get your hands dirty if the event is a building project.
8. Hand out your business cards. Networking opportunities abound!
9. Share your experience on social media using the official hashtag #2017WICWEEK and post those pictures you took in step 3. Mention someone you met who introduced you to others, encouraged you or helped you learn something new.
10. Connect with everyone you collected business cards with on LinkedIn or Facebook.
11. Attend the next NAWIC chapter meeting and continue furthering your career in construction.
12. Grow with the educational, mentoring, networking and community service projects that NAWIC has to offer.  You’ll see your career soar!
If your construction company wants to support women and participate in Women in Construction Week, get them in touch with NAWIC today!
As a member of the NAWIC Greater Phoenix Chapter #98 for the last 17 years, I can say that I’ve made many friends that have offered encouragement, supported me, provided me with speaking opportunities and helped me grow my network, my business, and my success.  Join us on the 4th Tuesday of every month for our dinner meeting at the Phoenix Airport Hilton, visit our website and connect on Facebook and see all the fun activities and women in construction waiting to connect with you!

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