Quickbooks is one of the most popular accounting packages for small-to-medium-sized businesses, and we don’t ask that you change to a new accounting package if Quickbooks fits the bill for you. Instead, we provide full Quickbooks integration in our Corecon V7 Project Management, Estimating, and Viewpoint Content Management solutions.

Quickbooks Integration Highlights

The key points of true Quickbooks integration is seamless data exchange in the parameters that are used in Quickbooks (or any accounting software, for that matter).
Here’s a look at how our solutions manage Quickbooks integration:

  • Get detailed job costing by CSI code or phase
  • Have real Change Order processing
  • Handle estimating by CSI code, phase or task with a cost database
  • Create professional prime/subcontractor contracts
  • Move estimates to Purchase Orders easily
  • consential
  • corecon
  • gc-pay
  • BB-GldPrtnr-A-4x
  • eagle-point
  • viewpoint


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