Today’s successful contractors know advanced software can be a competitive edge. Viewpoint Construction Software has translated over 35 years of intense focus and collaboration with the construction industry into a rock-solid platform that helps construction professionals manage efficiently across all areas of finance and operations. Viewpoint Construction Software has a unique perspective on what makes their jobs easier.

Over 35 years of experience working with Contractors has positioned Viewpoint Construction Software to serve the unique needs of today’s construction professionals. Combining rich construction heritage with a contemporary product line, Viewpoint has always had a passion for developing forward-thinking solutions. It is this in-depth understanding of construction business that gives Viewpoint the ability to deliver powerful solutions that connect the different departments within mid-to-large Contractor organizations.

What Kind Of Contractor Are You?

General Contractor, Heavy / Civil Contractor or Specialty Subcontractor
Behind these solutions is our rock-solid reputation for delivering the stability and flexibility companies like yours need to manage all areas of finance and operations. Viewpoint Vista organizes data the way you need to make smarter decisions and run better projects. With the slim profit margins Contractors face today, they need the access V6 provides to accurate, real-time information.

Benefit More from Viewpoint Construction Software


Maximize job profitability and lower risk by delivering accurate accounting information throughout your company.

Accounting includes:

  • Powerful cost projection and W.I.P. reporting system
  • Subcontractor/supplier compliance system alerts your team on overdue documents and insurance expirations
  • Industry-standard progress billings and flexible T&M formats for one-step billing
  • Efficient multi-company and inter-company processing
  • Automated pay-when-paid processing of subcontractor invoices

Accounts Payable
Streamline payables for effective cost control and reporting

Accounts Receivable
Manage receivables with flexible analysis capabilities

General Ledger
Efficient and flexible profit center reporting

Flexible payroll that adapts to any construction organization

Cash Management
Know where you stand with 24/7 cash management

Integrated Job Costing
Viewpoint Vista Software is configurable to exactly the way you do business. Job Cost is the heart of Vista, delivering accurate information on job progress and cost information to both accounting and operations in the formats useful to each. Because Job Cost is fully integrated, you’ll get accurate, up to date individual cost information including:

  • Labor and equipment timesheets
  • Committed and actual costs, and projected amounts
  • Daily updates to help identify problems early enough to work on solutions

Financial Planner

A Simple Solution for Better Budgeting
Financial Planner is offered as an add-on module of Viewpoint Construction Software’s financial planning tool. Fully integrated with Viewpoint Vista General Ledger for simplicity and efficiency, Financial Planner provides easy-to-use tools for detailed budgeting, planning and forecasting in key areas such as Operations, Salary and Capital projects.


  • Reduce budgeting cycle time and eliminate spreadsheets.
    Easily manage the budget approval process with multi-level workflow routings.
    View immediate impact of a budget change on a specific account, department, division or entire organization.
    Assign flexible security roles in combination to specific users to achieve desired access while minimizing maintenance effort.
    Easily plan and forecast staffing requirements and expenditures.


  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Salary Planning
  • Capital Projects Planning
  • Plan Requests

Project Management
An important factor in managing projects is having a tool that helps keep track of the project details and at the same time passes real-time information to accounting in order to keep tabs on the profitability of each project. Good decisions are made when project managers have the information they need when they need it. With Project Management, budget overruns, unapproved change requests, unanswered RFIs, overdue submittals, on demand reports and change order processing is all available with a click of the mouse.

Featuring an integrated project management and accounting system, Project Management includes easy access to financial information, from a big picture overview that can be used to see the financial health of the project and an organization, to drilling down into details for specific transactions. Manage all aspects of your company. Eliminate duplicate data entry and improve information flow between departments and project team members through complete integration with accounting.

  • Flexible forecasting system provides instant feedback on projected quantities, hours, costs and commitments with ability to override and add notes
  • Manage full range of tasks including contact management, RFIs, change orders, submittals, transmittals, meetings, logs, lists and more for up-to-the-minute views of projects
  • Manage complete process, from subcontract “buy-out” and setup to final release of retainage
  • Work easily with Microsoft© Office to automate creation and distribution of construction documents

Work Centers
Information details are displayed in Work Centers, the real centerpiece of Project Management. Configurable by user to pull information together in a centralized location, Work Centers is particularly beneficial as a single place to:

  • Navigate records
  • View document logs
  • Launch, edit and perform tasks

Document Management
Document Management delivers an intuitive and useful tool for attaching, indexing, and routing documents throughout your organization. Scan documents or simply drag-and-drop emails, photos, contracts, invoices and other documents, seamlessly indexing the content and securely storing the files in the database. Automated alerts make sure you know which documents need your attention.

Built-in Accounts Payable Unapproved Invoice routing and approval speeds the job costing process and increases accountability: you always know where the invoice stands in your workflow.

Equipment Management

Vista Equipment Management is a comprehensive system for tracking all costs and revenue associated with these assets. Drill-down inquiries show the complete picture of your equipment down to transaction detail with images. With the intuitive location tracking system, you’ll know where your equipment is at all times.

You can also manage your fuel usage through a direct link with leading fueling systems.Vista preventative maintenance provides scheduling, work order tracking, warranty management and parts and inventory control. Combined with an automated alert system, your equipment fleet will be fully maintained and under control.

Material Management

Material Sales fully integrates with Viewpoint Job Cost, Equipment Management and Inventory modules and features the benefits of order processing and materials transportation management systems. Other features include:

  • Prevention against duplicate entry
  • Tracking of quoted, ordered and actual units sold
  • Material pricing and payment discounts assigned at any level
  • Inter-company sales to jobs
  • Automatic invoicing and material ticket validation

Work Order Management
Today more than ever, it is vital to manage small job work orders with a tool that integrates with your entire operation for maximum efficiency. Viewpoint Work Order Management enables you to increase field technician productivity and streamline small job work order processing, leading to improved quality and cash flow. Integrated with Viewpoint Vista Software®, Work Order Management is fast, efficient and scalable to grow with your business, while enhancing overall profitability.

Built with leading technology for leading performance.

Microsoft .NET Framework
Viewpoint Vista Software® is the industry’s first ERP solution to utilize the .NET Framework. This leading edge technology delivers the industry’s best user experience combined with the easiest system administration around.

Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Server helps you manage your data including images and rich media, any place at any time. Data is securely stored in a single database no matter how or where you access it. This allows you to do more with your data through reporting, analytics and integration. SQL Server lets users access data from the tools they already use every day, such as Microsoft Office, while providing the highest levels of security, reliability and scalability.

Microsoft Windows Server & Network
Built for the Windows Server environment, Viewpoint V6 Software uses standard technologies like Trusted Connections and automatic client updates, making routine administration easy and cost effective.

Remote Access
For remote connectivity, you can access Viewpoint V6 Software through a multitude of options (including VPN, Terminal Services or Citrix). Whether you are in the office or in the field, you can retrieve, enter, and analyze all of your critical information anywhere, anytime. Remote timecard entry and approval also available with V6.

Viewpoint V6 Software Module Overview

Today’s successful contractors know advanced software can be a competitive edge. With over 30 years of experience collaborating with General Contractors, Heavy/Civil Contractors and Subcontractors, Viewpoint Construction Software has a unique perspective on what makes their jobs easier.

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