Document Imaging…What’s The Point?

Managing information is critical to the success of project-based business systems. The demands that are placed on a knowledge repository by a project-focused system can be heavy. There are a wide variety of documents and diverse file types to store, and multiple versions, audit trails and security privileges to track and manage-and search! Why not create a single, integrated content and document management and retrieval solution that will scale to precisely meet the needs of your workforce. Unlock the knowledge contained in your Enterprise. Imagine the benefits by having a central search repository containing information assets across the whole enterprise.

  • Cut document search time
  • Streamline information updates
  • Support collaborative projects
  • Enable fast approvals
  • Control and optimize access to key information
  • Eliminate misfiled or lost documents
  • Maintain an audit trail of all documents and work in progress
  • Work as a team – sharing of information has never been faster or easier
  • Reduce administrative costs – labor-intensive paper handling, data entry and searching are things of the past.
  • Improve executive decision-making
  • Lower expenses
  • Eliminate work duplication
  • Ease financial record keeping and administration
  • Protect against legal costs from disputes
  • Minimize Disaster impact an shorten recovery time

Integration and Leverage

Our document imaging solutions integrate with most of the popular construction accounting and project management software solutions. This integration provides portability to/from systems should you decide to change accounting software and leverage for meeting the demanding needs of owners.

Which Solution is Right for Me?

Mostly, the right solution is based on the amount of information you create and manage regularly.

One of the easiest ways to get a quick idea of the type of solution that could work well is to figure out your current “Document Volume” and work from there. We have found that while there are unique details in every solution, the early thinking can be done in terms of Small/Medium/Departmental, and Large/Enterprise. More information is available by selecting your company size below. When you have more questions or need more information, we are here to help.


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