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2 Voter Excuses You Can’t Use in 2010


Voting is a privilege and should be a top priority of every UScitizen.    Your vote only counts if you participate and cast your ballot.  So what are you waiting for? Here are the two most popular voter excuses and the websites that address them.

Not Familiar with the Candidates?
If you aren’t sure where the candidates stand on an issue, VoteSmart can help.  Just choose your state, find your district and pick the issues that are important to you.  It will show you all the candidates at the federal level and enlarge the pictures of those that align with your position on the issues.

Where Do I Go to Vote?
If you don’t recall where to vote, then let Google help with the ElectionCenter.  If you have a gmail account, this tool asks for your address and then will map your polling place.  It will even give you directions.  Fabulous if you have a smartphone …especially a Droid.

If you are a registered voter stop making excuses.  Let your voice be heard.  The construction industry is counting on you. Hope to see you at the polls!


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