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Everyday is Thanksgiving on Social Networks

Thanksgiving is an American holiday but I see people universally thanking people across all social networks.  Here’s what needs to be said on each of the major social platforms:

Twitter (My followers) – Thank you for following, mentioning and retweeting my content. If it weren’t for you no one would hear me and Twitter would be a big time waster – funny thing is that the majority of uniformed business people think this way. Let’s keep the Twitter value a secret as it is a competitive advantage, especially for the AEC sector.

Twitter (I’m following) – Thank you for unselfishly sharing your business acumen, thought leadership, and technology wisdom with me.  For taking the time to answer my questions and developing lasting friendships with many I may never meet in person, I am forever grateful.  I look for ways to reciprocate with you and hope to continue growing personally and professionally through your blog posts, event tweets and shared content.

Linkedin – A special thanks goes to each personal connection who has written a recommendation for me.  Your “trust” gift to my profile has attracted speaking engagements and business opportunities that have contributed directly to my professional success. To my connections – your likes and shares have helped countless others with their social media, technology and business education. Thank you for sharing announcements, blog posts and networking opportunities with the construction industry. We’re all working for the same outcome – growing infrastructure opportunities, a healthy housing market and a prosperous year ahead.

Facebook friends – It’s wonderful to connect with old friends and new, sharing breathtaking photos and humorous video moments. For those also sharing business content, thanks for caring about my success. A special thanks goes to Mari Smith and ALLFacebook who continue to make facebook changes less intimidating and offers ideas for your business to leverage Facebook. For the contractors and employees who have chosen me as a Facebook friend or liked my company page, please inform your employer that Talent attraction and community outreach work well here and to the residential contractors it’s a must for reaching business opportunities!

WordPress – Appreciation goes out to all my blog subscribers, and those that have commented on a blog post. Each of these small actions (like, share, +1) has helped to drive traffic to my website often leads to business synergies.

Google+ – You’re new to the party. While few people have asked to be in my circles, many of those that have are my closest influencers, news sources and advisers. Thank you for being here – Your deserve a +1 everyday. Thank you Google for making a better social network that makes content curation, communication and collaboration easy.

To my entire Business Network (those I email, see at association meetings and call on from time to time): You know the secret to networking is just genuinely caring about the success of others and building trusting relationships. May you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family and come back with greater appreciation for every connection you make each day.

To my family that I love dearly: I know I see you infrequently and wish that instead of video conferencing and phone call a Star Trek Transporter were available so I could be there more often, share more meals, hug, laugh and cry together. May your turkey be plump, your pies be sweet and your afternoon nap be restful.


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