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Document Imaging and complete solutions for Your construction Business

Document Imaging and Construction Software SolutionsDocument Imaging and Enterprise Content Management, Project Management and Estimating, all integrated with Accounting -- keeping track of what you do -- sounds as if it should be fairly simple, but amidst the cries of <expletives deleted> as folks scramble for the information that they need "right now", the need for a better Document Imaging based system of Information Management makes itself clear.

Enterprise Content Management

Document ImagingWith the volume of information shuffled about on unbelievable amounts of paper, keeping the right pieces available on-demand is one of the greatest challenges for today's office. With an average handle-time of 11 minutes per document from creation to archiving, it's no wonder that while demands increase productivity drops.

Our solutions decrease total handle time (THT) to less than 1 minute, with a on-demand-access time (ODAT) of less than 3 seconds! Think about how much time you spent just looking for documents today, much less getting them through any sort of approval process, and the Return on Investment (ROI) isn't hard to see.

Document Imaging

One of the key components to a successful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system is getting the document-based information into a digitally-manageable form. Scan a document in (once), and it will follow a defined process from cradle to grave, with immediate access at any point, by anyone authorized to view or edit the document, no matter where they are. Show me


Bluebeam Revu

With Bluebeam Revu, you can achieve a paperless workflow with powerful PDF creation, markup, editing and collaboration features. Revu brings pre-construction meetings, RFIs, Submittals, Estimating Take-off and the Planroom to the mobile, electronic age. If you need a better way to document revisions, collaborate with outside team members or streamline the Punch and Back Check process then watch these videos to learn more

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Project Management

Who does What When? And do they have the information that they need? Does the rest of the business have appropriate access to the results of their work -- so that they can do what they need to do -- without having to run around looking for it? Show me


At the end of the day, one of the most desired pieces of information is the bottom line. Business Owners want it, Managers and their Staff want it, and (eventually) the Auditors will want it. You can streamline your business, boost productivity, and satisfy all of the requirements for storage and reporting -- if you have the right system in place to help. Show me