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Custom Count Markups Make Take-off Takeoff!

Custom Count Markup Tools in Bluebeam Revu 2017

Custom Count Markup Tools in Bluebeam Revu 2017

New in Bluebeam Revu 2017 is the ability to make custom count markups from your custom symbols.  As the top enhancement request by estimators, count tools can be any shape or symbol. Break out of the box and go beyond different colored check marks, triangles, squares, diamonds, and circles.  With custom count tools your take-off information will be clearer and your legends easier to understand.

How to Create Custom Count Tools

  1. Right Click on any tool in your Tool Chest
  2. Choose Create Count from the context choices (your new tool will display with a 123 beside it)
  3. Custom Subject and Label in Measurements TabClick on the new tool to select it, and set additional customizations in Steps 4 and 5
  4. On the Measurements Tab in the Measurements section, customize the tool Subject, Label, and if applicable a Depth, Height, Width. (see left)
  5. OnShow Caption option for Custom Count tools the Properties Tab in the Appearance section (see right), set the Caption option by checking the Show Caption Box and click Edit to select what to display (Label, Area, Volume, Depth, Width or Height).
  6. Drag and Drop your new count tool into the appropriate Tool Set

Height, Width and Depth

The custom count markups now have their own values for height, depth, and width.   This caption information can be displayed in the markup label and is searchable and sortable in the markups list. You can Split the counts to specify individual attributes. This is perfect for doors and windows and will help later to stage the right door in the correct space during installation.  Why not use takeoff for more than just estimates?   Using the height, depth and width allow you to calculate the total area or total volume across multiple counts too.

Multi-Level Floor Plans

When dealing with multiple floors, Revu 2017 adds copy and paste between both pages and files to make the counting process faster. There are also split and merge options along with an automatic split across spaces (aka rooms). Drop a legend on the floor plan to show counts by room by floor. The custom count markups blow the socks off standard count tools found in typical take-off programs.

Watch this video to see the custom count tools in action:

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