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May 17, 2013
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May 31, 2013
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How Smart Subcontractors Spot Revisions on Plans

Compare construction plan revisions and changes with Bluebeam

Compare construction plan revisions and changes with Bluebeam
Revisions and Addenda are common in construction projects. When conditions and ideas change, so do the plans. When estimating the financial impact of these changes, subcontractors are often pressed for time and need an efficient way of locating the differences between plan sets. Unfortunately, as is often the case, neither the architects nor general contractors have clouded all the changes for you. So do you pull out the old light table? There’s a better alternative.

Whether you have a clean vector drawing or plans scanned to PDF you can use Bluebeam Revu’s compare documents to cloud the differences and get a side-by-side comparison, or overlay the plan sheets. This video will show you what Bluebeam does, and how to do it!

There are many benefits for a specialty contractor to use Bluebeam Revu. Document comparison is just one way to save time and reduce risk. As a Bluebeam reseller we are here to answer questions and get you started. Try a 30 day free trial now. Already own Bluebeam and need some training? Give me a call 602-570-7289

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