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December 10, 2009
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What a LinkedIn Premium Account Offers

The most frequently asked question in my social media consulting business focused on construction and B2B is “Should I pay for a premium LinkedIn account?”  Well you can decide for yourself with this video, the LinkedIn premium account welcome overview:


So now that you know what you get, I am interested in hearing from you about your successes with these features, particularly openlink.


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  1. John Burke says:

    Yes, I’ll be the first. You need to check out the short video Carol has linked. It shows the value of a premium account for business applications and resource utilization.

  2. carolhagen says:

    So can you tell why so few LinkedIn users have embraced the premium model? I believe it isn’t the price but the cost of time.

  3. Liz Reaves says:

    You can view the full video – with an overview of all premium features, here:

    Interested to see comments and reactions. (Full disclosure, I am a product manager who works on LinkedIn’s premium account features.)

  4. carolhagen says:

    Thanks. I have been looking at polls and research surveys too. I think you’ve hidden these gems from plain view.

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