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Bluebeam Open Licensing: Concurrent Users an Administrator’s Dream

Bluebeam Open Licesing offer Concurrent Users

Bluebeam Open Licensing is a cloud-based floating license system that allows companies to authorize user access to all of the
features in Revu eXtreme (version 2015.5 and higher), concurrently, from a pool of shared seats. Open Licensing brings flexibilityBluebeam Open Licesing offer Concurrent Users
and the benefits of volume software licensing to organizations of all sizes.Bluebeam Open Licesing offer Concurrent Users

Open Licensing is an annual subscription, priced according to volume. Seats may be added to an existing Open License at any
time. Active subscriptions are entitled to free upgrades and maintenance.

How It Works
1. Simply launch Revu to request a seat from the Bluebeam Gateway, a web-accessible portal where licenses are hosted and managed.
2. If a seat is available, the Gateway automatically allocates it to the user and authorizes Revu to run on that computer.
3. Once all available seats are in use, the Gateway limits further requests for Revu to run.
4. When an active user closes Revu, the Gateway automatically retrieves the seat and immediately makes it available for others to access.

Key Benefits
Open Licenses seats can float to any authorized user on any computer that has been installed with Bluebeam Revu.
Seats are allocated via the cloud, so users can access all of the powerful features exclusive to Revu eXtreme from anywhere, at any time.
No specialized hardware or resources are required. All that’s needed is a standard Internet connection to access the Bluebeam
Gateway, a web-accessible portal where licenses are hosted and managed.

Administrator Options
• Log in to the Bluebeam Gateway and view currently active users
• Manage multiple licenses through a single interface
• Invite additional Administrators to assist in managing active users
• Export a list of registered computers to help make better decisions when managing licenses
• Incrementally update users to the latest version of Revu eXtreme

For more information and best pricing on Open Licensing, please contact Carol

Bluebeam Open Licensing Q&A  (Ask your questions in the comments).

Which versions and editions of Revu are supported?

Open Licensing supports Revu eXtreme, version 2015.5 and later.

What is the main benefit of Open Licenses?

With Open Licensing, companies do not need to purchase a seat for every computer Bluebeam Revu is installed on. They can install Revu on multiple machines, sharing the same pool of seats, while only paying for the amount of total active users they want to allow at any given time.

What happens if an Open License user loses Internet access?

For situations when connectivity to the Internet becomes temporarily unavailable, or if a computer/laptop is outside of the office and cannot connect, Open License seats will switch to an offline mode. In offline mode, each device is granted three days to use the program before it is required to connect to the Bluebeam Gateway.

What happens if all the seats in my Open License pool are checked out but someone urgently needs to use Revu?

Administrators have the option to log in to the Gateway and manually release any user whose status is inactive (usually someone who is away from their computer). If the Administrator releases a seat while a user is working in the program, we release the seat but also protect the active user by allowing them to continue working so that they will not lose their work. Only when they close and reopen Revu again will they need an available Open License seat to continue working with Revu.

How are upgrades within Open Licenses managed?

We understand that fully upgrading software within an organization takes time. When an upgrade becomes available, both the current and new versions will continue sharing the same pool of seats. This allows for ultimate flexibility when your environment requires incremental upgrades.

How much does Bluebeam Open Licensing Cost?

For 1-49 per annual subscription license – $600 USD /user annually.  For 50+ users call Hagen Business Systems  Inc (480) 705-4241 for best pricing quote.

Can I still get the Bluebeam Revu Standard or CAD versions?

Yes, by purchasing perpetual licenses.  These editions are not available in Open Licensing.


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