Bluebeam Revu Create PDF from Scanner
Pulling Data from a Scanned PDF into Excel
July 1, 2015
Bluebeam Open Licesing offer Concurrent Users
Bluebeam Open Licensing: Concurrent Users an Administrator’s Dream
August 20, 2015
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The Bluebeam Therapist Is In

Bluebeam Training, Tips and construction solutions

Bluebeam Therapist: Carol Hagen

Bluebeam Training, Tips and construction solutions

Bluebeam Therapist: Carol Hagen

The Bluebeam Therapist: Carol Hagen, President, Hagen Business Systems Inc.

Still trying to convince your boss that being Extreme is a good thing? Ever found yourself in a Session and realized your Worklist doesn’t have what you need? Feel like you don’t Measure up? Bluebeam Therapy is a place to work collaboratively, learn how to build on your Bluebeam Tool Sets and share your feelings about how Revu has changed your life.

We don’t Profile you, infringe on your Space, follow a Script or do Comparisons with others in Group Sessions. We’re here to help with Bluebeam Tips, Tricks Shortcuts and Training! Our Studio is our Blog where we share great ideas every week and Twitter stream where we keep you up to date with Bluebeam and other technology.

I’ve got my Clipboard in hand and can take a Snapshot of where you are in your Bluebeam skills. Start a conversation and introduce yourself while your here at the Bluebeam Extreme Conference or reach out on the Bluebeam Conference App!

Whether you are struggling with Navigation, have sales questions like Which Revu Edition (Standard, CAD or Extreme) to Select,  or are confused about Open Licensing, I’m here to help.  Reach out via our contact page 

Here are some of my reader’s favorite Blog Posts from the last year:

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