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Bluebeam Tip:How to Close Multiple Files Quickly

Close multiple files in Bluebeam Quickly

Close multiple files in Bluebeam QuicklyIt’s very common to have multiple files open in Bluebeam Revu at one time. We all know that you can click the “X” to close one file at a time but that’s not very efficient when you have many files opened. When you’re in a hurry, you’ve probably closed Bluebeam completely and relaunched it, rather than clicking that “X” a dozen times or more. Do you know there’s another option?

If you want to close all your files but one quickly, just right click on the file tab you want to keep open and you’ll see the option “Close Other Tabs” in the drop-down list. Simple and fast, that’s what I like about Bluebeam.

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  1. Michael Vidra says:

    Is there a way to Click on the “X” that closes all files, but have Bluebeam ask if you are sure. Quite often I want to close one PDF so I select the “X”, but I select the wrong “X”. Therefore, I end up closing all the PDFs and then have to reopen all, but the one I was intending to close.

  2. carolhagen says:

    If you are speaking of the X in the upper right that closes Revu, you may want to change your Settings | Preferences on Startup to “Reopen files from last session”.

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