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April 4, 2011
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Construction “Trades Hub” For Quality Content Across the Web

Mike Rowe is passionate about the construction industry

Mike Rowe Works for You

Mike Rowe is passionate about the construction industry

Mike Rowe Works for You

The mikeroweWORKS Trades Hub just launched and pulls together blogs, articles and news stories relating to the construction trades,
It’s an easy to navigate site, to quickly find the popular blogs and websites that might normally go unnoticed if you’re not a regular subscriber. You may recognize the name, Mike Rowe as he’s been at apprentice in over 300 “Dirty Jobs” Episodes on TV. He’s passionate about the trades and the construction industry.

Building Up the Trades Community: “The skills gap is a real concern that’s getting more worrisome every day. Fewer skilled tradesmen in the workforce will affect us all. Younger folks need to have a better understanding of how they can benefit from learning a trade, and parents need to encourage their kids to consider this worthwhile and important path. mrW strives to reinvigorate the trades. The mrW Trades Hub will help us in that effort.”

Carol’s Construction Technology Blog is honored to be included in the Trade Hub. Here’s a screenshot of the Trades Hub and I hope you read it often!

Construction Technology in the Trades Hub

Carol’s Construction Technology Blog in Trades Hub

Your comments and feedback are always welcome. Please share this with your friends in the construction industry.


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  1. Bob Richardson says:

    Thanks for posting this Carol! I’m a big fan of Mike Rowe, and this is a great new resource!

  2. Bob Richardson says:

    Thanks for sharing this Carol! I’m a big fan of Mike Rowe- what a great resource!

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