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How Architectural and Engineering Firms Convert Thousands of Files to PDF Quickly

As an Archtectural and Engineering firm you need to publish files that are easy for your customers, contractors and design teams to access and work with easily. If you create in AutoCAD, Solidworks or Microsoft Office you may need to publish your documents to PDF for distribution purposes. While converting isn’t difficult it can be time consuming, especially if you need to add stamps, footers, and security. This can be a full time job if you generate 1000’s of documents monthly. If gets even more tedious if you also need to act on comments and updates, deciding to accept or reject the design changes suggested. Why not let Bluebeam Q streamline your processes.

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Bluebeam Q provides PDF document conversion for engineering, architectural and construction firms with large volumes of documents. DWFs and large format, Microsoft office and CAD files all can be published to PDF for distribution. Ideal for designs and plans, let Bluebeam Q add stamps, headers , footers etc to make it easy for your customers to conduct business with you. Bluebeam Q is a server based solution that offers four components: Print to PDF, Watched Folders, Scripts and an API. Have your CIO or IT team evaluate Bluebeam Q, just download our free 30 day trial.

If you don’t have this large volume of documents to process and convert to PDF there are other options including Bluebeam Revu that work great for smaller firms. These articles might be of interest to you:

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